Google forms for an election UPDATE!

Yay! It worked like a CHARM! I used Google Docs “Form” to do a schoolwide election (See form here). Almost 400 students and counting, and it couldn’t be easier! THe English teachers walked their classes to the labs, they clicked the link, click, click, click, and got up and went back to class. The whole thing for most classes took LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES TOTAL!!!! We would take up at least that much handing out paper and collecting it, and so on. A complete success!!! VERY happy about this. THe Homecoming advisor already wants to do it for her election.

The tallying is a few extra steps, but I can tally one class in only a few minutes.

Here’s how:

Once the spreadsheet is filled with responses, highlight, and copy all the responses from a particular question (or in our case, all of the related columns, and paste into Excel. Google Spreadsheet doesn’t work as well for this. Then get all the related data in one column and then sort. You can count from there, or I just copied and pasted each section to its own blank column side-by-side, making the counting really easy.


4 thoughts on “Google forms for an election UPDATE!

  1. We looked over all the votes to see if there were duplicates. This was easy to see visually as they were all stacked next to each other. We knew there might be a few of those that slipped through, but this also happened sometimes with paper ones and we didn't catch it.

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