Happy Summer! Now what? Summer #EdTech to-do list!

Yay! We made it to summer break! Well, most did at least. If you teach summer school or year-round school, our thoughts are with you!

So now what? Summer is a great time to get familiar with new technology and play with it at your leisure to prep for the following year.  Here are some ideas:

  • Start a Twitter account and build a PLN. Click here to get a list of great educators to follow.
  • Set up Edmodo or Schoology classes
  • Register for Education account for Animoto.com
  • Familiarize yourself with Google Apps for Education, and talk to your district about getting it in your school.
  • Create a real class website using YolaWeebly, or Wix
  • Check out cel.ly to safely send text alerts to your students or staff
  • Check out a laptop, iPad, iPod touch, or other device you are unfamiliar with
  • Build Facebook groups for your classes, teams, or organizations. Remember, these are push-only, you need not be friends with the others.
  • Get registered on SpellingCity.com and start creating some spelling lists
  • Join Classroom 2.0 and become an active participant. Lots to learn there!
  • Visit Cybraryman’s Site. SO many tools and tutorials! Learn something new!
  • Take the time to learn how to really use your SMART board. (or Promethean)
  • Ask a colleague to help you set up something you don’t know about
  • Backward design a lesson plan to incorporate current technology
  • Get familiar with WikispacesGlogster, Prezi, or Google Docs and devise a project to use it in the classroom
  • Begin a class blog. There are many free options to use for this.
  • Invest in a new Macbook, iPad, or Galaxy Tab and enjoy! …or a PC if you must 🙂
Most of these ideas are really pretty fun when you are not rushed or going about it begrudgingly. Have fun with it, and get excited to try new things next year! If you have more suggestions/ideas, please post them!

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