This page has been everything from a daily reflective journal to a place for me to write serious essays, to a catch-all for awesome materials I have found on the web. What I find, now, is that this is no longer the best platform to share what I want to share, so it’s time to evolve.

I’ve decided to sunset this page and to reimagine the idea of Clouducation as something…else.  I am looking to build a more interactive forum, and I don’t see it necessarily being a blog. Stay tuned.

If you have read my stuff in the past, I thank you very much. Please stay connected with me via Twitter or Facebook going forth, and I will share my next endeavor there!

Be well, friends!

One thought on “Evolution

  1. Hope you do a final post letting your faithful readers where you’ve moved. Always enjoy your posts even when I didn’t have time to respond.

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