11 New Year’s Resolutions for Educators

This year, let us resolve to make these upgrades for ALL of our students:

  1. Customize both the learning content and the pace of learning for all students.
  2. Allow students to evaluate their progress learning in a way that promotes perseverance and joy.
  3. Use effective methods to grade authentically (if we must grade at all).
  4. Empower students to pursue passion projects, and assist them in those projects
  5. Use available tools to connect with the real world and to learn from real experts and artists
  6. Help students do real-world work rather than artificial book work
  7. De-emphasize high stakes testing and advocate instead for an IEP for every child.
  8. Embrace STEAM as an educational cornerstone, with emphasis on the ARTS
  9. Advocate for and tenaciously support initiatives to help children rise from poverty and violence
  10. Own personally the responsibility to do everything in our power to help every student in our schools.
  11. Stop making excuses that have to do with the parents, the community, the school system, or society these days. Educators can always make an effort that is a positive part of a student’s life, even if it seems insignificant.

The stakes are high, and the challenge is perhaps more difficult than it has ever been. Let’s make sure that 2016 isn’t just another year. The students really really need us to be on our game. Technology and educational research have never been better. What can we now do we could never do before?

I’m all in. Are you?


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