Top 10 trends in ed. tech to watch for in the next three years.


Education today changes quickly, and it is a common mistake for educators to believe that what they are current on today will hold them over for another decade. It is wise to keep a weather eye on the horizon. I offer these 10 trends as worth your attention in the near future. In no particular order:

  1. A growing backlash against Khan academy. Watch instead for teacher-created materials to be organized and become popular.
  2. Nexus 7 tablet to take market share as the first generation of 1:1 iPad models are replaced with lighter, cheaper and powerful small tablets.
  3. School conversations moving from PLC to PLN as more educators see the power of the global information commons.
  4. Facebook for education, and Twitter for education accounts.
  5. Edmodo will continue to replace Moodle as the preferred classroom connection site.
  6. Mobile interactive learning solutions will begin to replace expensive Interactive Smart Boards.
  7. eTextbooks will become cheaper and more widely used
  8. Several objective research studies will be published to cast doubt on the success of 1:1 initiatives in schools.
  9. The number of educators connected with Twitter and other PLN’s will double
  10. Congress will introduce at least three bills relating to increasing bandwidth in schools, particularly those in low socioeconomic districts.

Which of these seem most likely? Which seem to be more of a stretch? Weigh in with your thoughts!


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