Top 10 dumb educational practices

This is sort of a quick hit, but I keep thinking about all these completely stupid, worthless things we do in education that have been proven to be ineffective or even harmful. Here are ten, complete with snarky comments.

  1. Detention/Suspension. My favorite is suspending kids for skipping school. Moronic.
  2. Short lunch periods. We really think 4 oz. of pink slime fed over 21 minutes at 11:00 am is fueling kids?
  3. Graded homework. Let’s grade organization, parental interaction, and certainly penmanship. That’ll teach’em!
  4. Memorizing specific dates. After all, most adults still remember all of the ones we were taught in school.
  5. Learning history from the founding of America until 1960. Because nothing important happened in the last 50 years.
  6. Teaching cursive. You know, for when they sit down and write a beautifully penned letter to grandma.
  7. Using loss of recess as a motivator/punishment. That ADHD kid will surely buckle down if they lose the only 30 minutes of activity all day.
  8. Pushing 4-year college. As if there are no well-paying jobs that can be trained for in vocational/creative arts. Like computer tech.
  9. Death by PowerPoint. Because it is so much more humane than death by lecture.
  10. Testing. You know, the standardized, high-stakes, talking pineapple kind. Those. MOAR!

One thought on “Top 10 dumb educational practices

  1. I can buy all but #1 (though I agree that suspending a student for skipping is stupid!) sometimes kids just have to go. Also wish we could get more educators on the ‘ending homework’ bandwagon. If you add a number 11 – I teach responsibility as justification for killing kids with zeros.

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