If education were like baseball…

If public education were like Major League Baseball, we’d see interesting changes.

  • The best teachers could lock up lucrative long-term contracts, with bonuses for certain benchmarks.
  • The best teachers would be free agents after a set amount of time. If they got lazy or were no longer good, they would have lower pay or shorter contracts.
  • The charter school system would be the minor leagues. Teachers could work on practice and be called up to be bigs later on.
  • Principals would get fired if the school underperformed. The best principals would get bigger and longer contracts.
  • Schools would grant naming rights to sponsoring companies. Public money would rarely be needed.
  • The worst schools would get first pick of the best recruits from higher education. Unrecruited teachers would join the charter school system.
  • Superintendents would have a great portion of personal wealth invested in the school system. The board would be advisory in nature.
  • The commissioner of education would be for the state or region, and would regulate drafts and rules. A commissioner’s association would meet every winter to decide general rule changes.
  • Teachers and students would have 6 weeks of training camp, with a 6-month teaching season to follow. Off-season students would be expected to continue a training regimen and return to camp sharp and ready to learn.
  • Double-headers would be used in place of rain/snow-outs.
  • There would be halls of fame for both teaching and for students. These shrines would attract thousands of people each year.
  • The best teaching would be televised for everyone to enjoy. TV contracts would help pay for technology in schools.

Discuss. 🙂


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