The Smartest Person in the Room

Want to be smarter? Have a few more big ideas? Be better at your job? What’s stopping you? Oh, yeah, the time/energy thing. I get it. Try these easy ways to know more without giving up too much in return:


  • Read a random Wikipedia page each day. Make it a routine.
  • Give up the magazines and newspapers for an online aggregator like Pulse. Get lots more content in less reading time.
  • Join Twitter, and follow hundreds of the smartest people you can find. This is an excellent way to get a variety of great content a few minutes here and there.
  • Give up an hour of television each once or twice a week and watch a TED Talk instead. The variety and easy-to-digest nature of these presentations make them perfect for the passive learner.
  • Make a running list of nonfiction books that look interesting. Instead of reading all of them, use ten minutes each day to read online reviews of them, and target only the best to read.
  • Take lunch with someone who knows things you do not. This could be anything. Pick their brain about what they know.
  • Attend a conference each year.  These can often double as couple/family vacations, and your company will often foot the bill for the conference.

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