Are computers getting in the way of technology?

This is sort of a rant, but despite our forward-thinking staff trying new technology and trying new internet tools, the fact of the matter is that sometimes the computers themselves just don’t cooperate.  I hate the smug looks I get from teachers who are anti-technology when I am working on something new and exciting and the computers are fussy and the internet is spotty.  They seem to say: SEEEEEEEE!  I never have that kind of problems with my McGuffey Readers and my dittos!

So: Here’s my all-time wish list for school technology:

1.  Always on, always fast internet that works the same whether 100 users log in at the same time, or only one.  No freezes, no blips, no errors.

2.  Computers that can run the internet.  Always.  Any browser.  Anytime. Forever.  No Admin Warnings.  No login problems.  No spinning wheels of death.  Just work.

3.  One more computer than I need, regardless of my class size.  Sure you can shove 30 in my class.  Just make sure there are labs and laptop carts that count to 31 (well, I want one).  Want to shove 35 in?  Sure, the more, the merrier, but make sure you add computers to labs and carts, or I have a problem.

4. No beta anything. If it is operational, I want it operating at 99.9% accuracy. Don’t throw us a cool online tool that only works on Tuesdays.

4.  Folding chairs in labs.  Because if I see one more kid spinning in the comfy office chairs they provide the labs with, I am sure I will tip them over and duct tape the base to the spindle.  Okay, this one is not as urgent as the others, but I stand by it nonetheless…

Anything I missed?


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