Jon Orech: My Top 10 “red flag” phrases in education.

My Top 10 “red flag”phrases in education. Taken from a session I did at #ICE12 last week:

1: “Integrate technology” (Implies curriculum is static) Integration didn’t work in the 60’s, and it won’t work now.

2: “Web 2.0” (A participatory web is now the norm.)

3: “21st Century Learners” (We’re now 12 years into the 21st century)

4: Non-creation “Wow” tools (Flashy and fun, but very little learning)

5: “Digital Natives” (Youth does not always correlate with mastery)

6: “Global Collaboration” used as the “end goal.” The farther someone is, does not translate into more learning.

7: “Top 10 tools” (How about “10 ways to create”)

8: Paperless classroom or “going green” (Worksheets on line don’t improve learning)

9: “Engagement” (are they really engaged, or just “busy”?)

10: Tool-specific activities (“Next week you will all do a Powerpoint”)

More from this presentation from Jon:


One thought on “Jon Orech: My Top 10 “red flag” phrases in education.

  1. How about this list I culled from the Journal:

    1. thought leaders–my favorite
    2. accessible
    3. relationships
    4. face-to-face
    5. standards implementation
    6. effective leadership
    7. school intervention
    8. ongoing dialogue now
    9. educational thought leaders
    10. ongoing conversation
    11. actively involved
    12. professional development–I have no idea what this means anymore.

    At some point the ed echo chamber makes you want to tell them all to eff off.

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