6 comments I hope students are making in 2022

Remember clapping out the chalk erasers? How about the sound of the crank on those overhead projectors the math teacher used? Remember the smell of the purple ditto copies? Sometimes it’s fun to reminisce about the teaching tools and strategies of the past. Times change, and faster than ever. What will students be reminiscing about in 10 years?  Here’s a wish list:

  1. Remember Powerpoint? How all of the teachers and professors used it, but it really didn’t do anything? Remember how they put wall of text and then read them to us? lol
  2. I can still remember how we used to do worksheets. Yeah, on paper. It was bizarre. “Here, take this home and puke some info into the blanks, and return it,” …for, like 1000 points. Whatever.
  3. Remember how they always had us in these neat little rows facing the front of the room? I know, right! I have no idea what that was about. How the heck did we ever learn from each other? Teacher thought she knew everything, LMFAO
  4. How many books did we carry around? I remember my bag was like the size of a suitcase. That one kid even had one with wheels. What the heck did we do with all those books anyway. I barely even remember opening them. Why didn’t they give us the digital versions? lol. Maybe that was physical education.
  5. I still remember how we used to all go as a class to a room (they called it a “lab,” but I never knew why),  to use computers. Everybody used the exact same old machine. Not a laptop or tablet, but like a box on a table. We sat in swivel chairs and typed away. We shared them with the whole school.
  6. Remember how everyone was always chasing the WiFi everywhere? We went to McDonald’s, just to get online! I’m not even kidding! The school didn’t have WiFi till way after it was pretty much everywhere, and everyone made you pay or use a password. It was hilarious. We walked around town, trying to hack a signal, just to see a website.

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