Five more Truths about Technology in Education

This is a follow up to the previous post titled Ten Truths about Technology in Education.

  1. Teaching with technology is teaching. Period. Adding current technology does not put education in a different category. We do not think of other activities that use current technology differently: Do you hear people discussing driving with technology?
  2. Bad teaching plus technology is still bad teaching. If lecturing is ineffective, it will still be ineffective if the only change is to video record it and post it online. There must be transformation.
  3. Education reform that does not hinge on updating aging facilities and technology is a farce.
  4. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Unless you are on the front end of the innovation curve, you are holding back the ones who are.
  5. Results matter, especially to administration, parents, taxpayers, and politicians. Innovate, evaluate, document, reflect, duplicate, repeat. Data is not the only thing relevant, but keeping at least anecdotal evidence of success or failure is crucial for continued progress.

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