4 favorite sites for education you probably don’t know exist…yet.

This year instead of having students write to their future selves, I had them use a site called futureme.org to do the same thing. They put in their email address and then set the delivery date. I’m having kids create a start of school improvement plan for the fall, to be delivered the first week of school.

Are you using Celly with your secondary students yet? Text reminders and info to students without access to their phone numbers. AWESOME connection tool!

I have also had kids using sporcle.com lately, as a fun extra when there is extra time in the lab.  They can do all sorts of quizzes. Lots of fun!

Finally, I wanted to comment on the Wattpad application which is offered on most mobile devices. It includes a great many books, poems, and short stories, but also has the entire Project Guttenberg library (which you can access on it’s own as well), which includes thousands of classic titles commonly used in schools.  My students loved finding Great Expectations on their phones and leaving the book behind!


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