Welcome Back! What’s New?

Welcome back educators! After a busy but good summer of training teachers how to use great technology, I am back in the classroom and ready to go!  A few new tools I want to share that I am working with this year:

Poll Everywhere – This is a great alternative to iClickers or something of the like. It is free to use online, but there appear to be a few limitations.  I used it to poll my seniors on the first day, and it went pretty well.  Results were pretty speedy (2-3 minutes on our server), but could be even faster depending on your network.  You can make screenshots of the poll numbers and use them on a Powerpoint or Google presentation.  The glitch was that students were unable to do the fifth of my polls, they were sent a message that said they were over the limit. I am not sure if there is an upgrade to resolve that, but I look forward to trying it again soon!

Celly – This a really nice application by which you can send text reminders to students without collecting their numbers or sharing yours.  You create an account online, verify through your phone, and then just share the keyword they are test to the Celly site number.  From there they register and they can get your mass texts at any time. Students seemed to love the idea!

Edmodo – While I began working with this program last year already, I am using it in earnest this year with all of my students. It takes a class hour in a lab or with laptops to get everyone logged in and set up properly, but totally worth it.  Can be used in school or as a home extension.

Try something new this year, and make it a NEW TOOL YEAR!!!


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