Use Google Forms to create quiz — and grade it!!!

If you have used Google Forms, you have seen a sleek, easy to use survey and data collection application that easily creates a SurveyMonkey-style input form, and drops responses into a sharable spreadsheet.  You may also be aware that you can create charts and graphs from this data.

Well, some teachers, myself included, instantly started thinking this application looked like a cool quiz maker from the start.  After all, it features several types of question styles, some customization, and the online aspect seemed really cool.  So we used it like that.  Only thing is, there was no way to score the thing when finished.  I know, you figured out how to format the cells to change colors when it matched the correct answer.  Yes, that’s wonderful.  I did it like that several time.  But then you are COUNTING RED SQUARES to score the thing.  What if it actually worked like a real quiz and you could grade it and get scores afterward…

BREAKING: there is a third-party script you can use to do just that.  I have linked a Jing video with more info, but here is the short and skinny:

1.  Create objective questions on a form
2.  wait until the section or class has all finished.
3.  Go to the response spreadsheet
4.  Click Insert—>Script—>Education–>Flubaloo
5.  Follow brief instructions to run the script.
6.  Marvel at the way the responses are graded for you.
7.  Discover ways to email the students with their score, and sort so it goes in gradebook
8.  Smile.

Two big tips:  Don’t forget to ask their name, in reverse order, and ask them to enter their email address.

DO a test run and you’ll have it.  Happy assessing!


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