The Twitter Personal Learning Network…What Twitter is really good for.

How do teachers use Twitter?

A few years ago I joined Twitter and began the process of trying to cultivate a following.  Call it Twitter 1.0.  My plan was to get parents and students to use it and I would tweet little news or idea blurbs.  Great idea, right?  Well, not so much.  I only had 14 followers in 6 months, and some of them were strippers.  There just wasn’t that much interest in it.  What I didn’t understand is that to really use Twitter well, you need:

  1. A message that appeals to the masses
  2. A target audience likely to be on Twitter.

I didn’t have that.  Most of my parents were not on Twitter, because they had no specific need to do so.

Version 2.0 came with the idea that I was following a few really good educators who regularly posted great classroom ideas.  Eventually, I shut down my classroom tweets, and started to follow everyone I could find who offered ideas for education, and those who tweeted other interesting content (news, politics, and sports).

I now consistently follow about 2000 people (the follow limit), all of whom tweet daily.  I have a steady stream of current education ideas, links and other content to peruse whenever I have a moment or two.  If I miss content, no big deal.  The best stuff is retweeted for days.  I mark links that I want to keep with the favorite star so i have it for later.

I also tweet ideas and sites I have found useful, and am inching toward 1000 followers.

I now see that Twitter is about building a personal learning network.  Education is a great field to do that with.  I have learned so much from other educators on Twitter, I can’t believe others don’t tap into this resource.

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