New Google Docs interface, tips, and whatnot

Been a little while since I have posted.  Doctoral work got in the way, but I wanted to post some new information.

First of all, the title link is to a .pdf that covers some of the new changes in the Google Docs interface (home screen).  Some are nice, some a re a bit of a pain, for instance, that you can’t easily see the originator or date of the share in the list the same way, but in any case, it deserves a look.

A few other titdbits I have discovered in the past few weeks (some were “duh” sort of things, but I offer them humbly to you):

1.  Most people know you can use a to-do list called “tasks” within your calendar view, but did you know you can view it in Gmail as well?  I didn’t, until someone showed me this week.  Pretty cool!

2.  Have you created a custom email list (or use a pre-made one from your school) in Gmail?  Did you know you can use the same lists to share with multiple people in Docs?  Just above the field that you could enter emails of people to share with, you can choose other contacts, and on that menu, you can access a pull-down to reveal all of your mailing lists.  VERY COOL.  Feel free to email if you need assistance with this.

3.  Showing a series of videos to your classes or colleagues from Youtube or Google?  Try inserting them on different slides on a presentation and just expand the window to fill the slide.  You can toggle easily between them, and best of all, if someone misses the show, you can share it with them all in one, instead of sending multiple links and such.  Works really slick.

4.  Speaking of presentations, if you “insert drawing” for a slide with a photo or map or anything where you would like to point out something specific, you can easily make an arrow that can lay over your photo to indicate what you’d like to point at.

5. Finally, I wanted to simply pass along the fact that Google has made some changes regarding how Google accounts and Google Apps for Education accounts behave.  If you have both types of accounts and have ever had issues with them conflicting, there are some new features that may help and/or hinder these issues.  Search for google conflicting accounts information, there is a lot more info online.

Take care.


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