The reflex action in implementation

How is your implementation plan going?  Do you have one?  Does your district?  If so, is it clearly communicated?  Implementing with technology is not the side dish or dessert, it is the protein and vitamins in the main course.  How nutritious is your curriculum?

Imagine someone standing at a counter or table and they notice, at the last moment, a pencil or marker rolling off the side.  People of all ages would instinctively grab for it.  The toddler will notice it is moving, but will only manage to grasp for it where it was when he noticed it rolling.  An older child will move his hand with the moving object, but will likely grab for it where he sees it at that moment, missing it by a split-second.  A teen or adult, with more polished reflexes, and also with experience, will grab for that falling object where it will be once her hand gets to it.

How similar is the experience of implementing technology in schools?  Some schools or teachers are still mastering effective email use and using Word, and try a Powerpoint presentation from time to time.  This could only be described as infantile in effort and understanding.  Sure, one must start someplace, but to be so far behind is to be grasping for skills most people got in the early 90’s, some of which are now passe.  Other schools or teachers see what others are using effectively, but by the time they master the skill, the most effective tool or strategy may already be something else.  The true innovators are those who, while staying current, are not afraid to jump ahead to something that will be current soon, even if it means skipping past something along the way.

I understand this is a tricky approach due to the great unknowns, but this is how effective instruction has always been developed: by a small set of forward-thinking individuals who try it before the rest of us buy it.

I hope you have these kinds of folks in your school system.  I also hope you have the confidence to be that person whenever possible.


BTW: Did you see the new Google Docs update?  Do you like it?  Seems a bit more streamlined, but the inability to see who has shared with you on the main menu is bothersome to me.  Let me know your thoughts.


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