Delicious Bookmark Site Killed off by Yahoo?

According to several sources, including, Yahoo will be phasing out Delicious Social Bookmarking.  Not Happy!

I have been using this site for a multitude of personal and educational purposes and have about 1000 sites tagged there.  I have dozens of articles for different classes I teach, research articles for my grad class, and lots of fun stuff.  NOW WHAT!

Well, I was quickly directed to  Fortunately, the export–>import process was slick and easy, and it looks as thought this site will more than suit my needs, and also apparently has a lot of cool features that exceed what Delicious offered. 

Maybe the move will be good.  Change generally is.  I will certainly write more once I get more time to mess with diigo.


CLICK HERE to get quick, easy directions on moving Delicious to Diigo


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