Practical Classroom Ideas #4: Student eFolios

For each of the next several posts, I will be discussing one particular Google Apps function and explain how to use it in a real classroom setting. I think knowing what a tool will do and understanding just how it can be used in your classroom are two different things. Please feel free to give feedback as you wish.
This is sort of a variation on the first practical tip I wrote about.  If you would like the students to collect their work, especially in the case of perhaps a writing folder or something of the like (I have my seniors keep copies of resumes, cover letters and employment documents they create), you can have them create a folder and share it with you.
Have them select CREATE NEW FOLDER from the drop-down menu within Google Docs, then have them name the folder to include their name (e.g. Smith eFolio Science).  Then they should share the folder itself with you (and allow you edit rights, if that is required).  From then on, anything they drop in that folder should be viewable by you, but they retain possession, and they can keep tabs easily on what they have accomplished and what they haven’t.  
Grading for this option makes more sense if you can evaluate several pieces at once, since you will need to open each folder, and that may take a bit of time.
BTW:  You can collect these shared folder in a folder of your own (e.g. Science eFolios Gr. 9)

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