Frustration with Google Apps for Education

In my effort to bring relevant Google Docs/Apps info in a fair and balanced way, I will share my current frustrations with Google Apps.  I am feeling more and more that the Google Apps for Education (GAE) version/setup is a punishment to previous users of Google Docs, and a true frustration for new users.  Granted, most of what can be done, works fine, but there are several things that JUST DON’T WORK RIGHT!

Sharing:  As I stated in a previous post, the sharing between domains, and with the world in general is booby-trapped in several ways.  I can’t tell you exactly the problem, because I can’t figure out what is and isn’t.  It seems very mercurial and fussy, and one thing works and one doesn’t.  Example:  I tried to embed a page I was sharing to the web from Google Apps.  It kept asking outside users of my site for a Google Password (Not a GAE password, mind.)

Connecting: Whenever someone tries to add a calendar, it kicks them to a Google (not GAE) login.

Features:  Some features behave differently or are not offered in the GAE version.  Gmail themes and some of the better add-ons are not available in the GAE version.

In the grand scheme, these are small problems, most I could probably trouble shoot if I spent enough time figuring it out.  I just hate that it might be the work of an hour and three phone calls to share a calendar.

My hope is that as time goes on, and GAE changes, that the difficulties and loss of features gets better.


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