The problem with dual domains…

I apologize if this post gets too technical.  I don’t fully understand it either, but it is a problem in our district, and I thought I would throw it out there for consideration.

When my district took us to Google Apps, they set it up with two domains on the same server.  The staff, faculty, and administration all have a domain that ends as our email addresses alway have done, and the students’ emails have a different common domain.  They are both interconnected, however, and the promise is that they will all work and play together nicely.

Here’s the problem:  Certain tasks which rely on the two worlds intermeshing do not mesh.  Students and faculty cannot share calenders just by adding them from a site, they must be added manually by typing in addresses.  Some sharing situations and even email complications have arisen.  What typically happens in these scenarios is that once the request is sent to interact with an entity on the other domain, the user is taken to THAT login page to continue, which, of course, will not work.  Both domains have their own login page.

To add a further wrinkle: some scenarios actually prompt you to the outside (real) Google login page, because someone is interacting with the Google out in the cloud, not through the server.

Our tech coordinator is working on the issue, but it may be that these issues cannot be solved unless we are all on the same domain.  The original decision was mad to add a level of security between teacher and students, but now that barrier is proving quite difficult to break through…


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