Keyboard Shortcuts? Indeed.

The title links to a resource that was passed along to me by a friend recently.  What I love about this site is that it highlights a set of keyboard shortcuts for docs.  It also includes quite a few other clever tricks.  Here are a few in case you want to skip the link:

Templates: Use Docs’ 300 templates to get started on different types of documents.
Work offline: View and edit documents even when you don’t have access to an Internet connection.
Create shortcuts: Create shortcuts and bookmarks for new documents, Google Docs home and more frequently visited pages.
Save as different file types: Instead of converting docs to different file types, you can simply change it to HTML, RTF, PDG, ODT and more whenever you save it.
Polyline: Draw shapes and lines in Google docs to make graphs, images and examples.
Docs Translation: Find the docs translator under Tools.
Snap to Guides: With this Edit feature, you can line up shapes in your doc automatically.
Reference tools: Google docs comes with access to a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia that you can use within the document.
CSS Editing: Change the display of your doc by manually plugging in your CSS text.
HTML tags: Docs supports, or partially supports, some HTML tags, shown here.
(thank you to

Today was the first day we had students live in our Google Apps for education accounts.  Some bumps with certain server setup items, but overall, not too dang bad.  30 people all logged in and working within 10 minutes.  I thought that was pretty encouraging.


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