Google Docs for the uninitiated.

Today I had the opportunity to present Google Apps for a large group of educators in Jackson, MN. Very few of the several hundred people in session today had used Google Apps at all, and many were not even familiar with what it was or what can be done.  They were all very nice, and most of them eager to try new things.  It fit nicely into the overarching theme of the day, set by keynote speaker Scott McLeod. Click on the title link of this post to view the presentation slides from today. If you were in attendance, feedback is always appreciated (post below).

As the fall workshops approach, I feel it necessary to set a few personal goals related to using Google Apps:

1. Get my freshmen ALL using Apps (this will be easier now that our district is implementing Apps across the board).

2. Assist the district in streamlining the calendars they are creating. Went from too few to WAY too many for anyone to manage. They are still thinking like individuals, not like a group when it comes to this.

3. Get a collaboration project going with an international classroom somewhere. I have the plans for one, but logistics have thwarted me in planning this as yet. Hoping to get something rolling soon!


One thought on “Google Docs for the uninitiated.

  1. Thanks for sharing your goals. I do the same thing at the beginning of each year. These are my goals for the 2010-2011 school year: 1. Model the effective use of Google Apps in the classroom. 2. Post weekly on my classroom blog.3. Improve and expand the use of 20% time in my Anatomy & Physiology class.4. Help teachers at my school set and meet their goals for implementing technology into their classroom. 5. Master the art of the webinarGood luck on your goals. I hope you accomplish them all!

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