New upgrades, oh my!

I was typing away at something recently an noticed, for the first time, that there was a tab ruler on the top of my page. After some investigation, I found that Google is going through a comprehensive upgrading of Docs and spreadsheet. I noticed some differences between the regular Google versions, and the Google Apps for Education version, but it seems that many of the changes are for both. Some things that are here or coming soon are full tab capability, more advanced headers and footers, real-time collaboration (you can see the text as it is entered), chat on any document, and a lot more capability for inserting images, HTML, etc. I am going to play with it all a bit more and report back with what I think it will mean to day-to-day users.


2 thoughts on “New upgrades, oh my!

  1. I am an elementary school technology teacher. I have not used google docs very much yet. I understand that you use Google docs for your 12th grade classes. Have any of your followers used Google Docs with elementary school or middle school classes? Also, how different are the Google Docs Word Processing and Spreadsheet applications differ from Microsoft Office Word and Excel programs? I use Microsoft Office 2007. I would very much like to use Google Docs as a document storage device loose my flash drive.

  2. We are now using this in my school k-12. While we are all still learning, there have been teachers at all levels who have had success using it with students. The difference between Docs and Office is not much for very basic operation. The extra features are a bit different, but certainly if one can use Office well, they would be able to use Docs without difficulty.

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