What needs to be improved about Google Docs?

At the end of the school year I must pause and reflect on my use of Google in the classroom, and on this blog itself. I have had nearly 3000 page views, an encouraging number. After many, many successes during the year, I think it’s time for me to highlight what needs to be improved. I welcome your comments, as well.

1. The word processor needs to become more publishing-friendly. Without any tab rulers, tab settings, and specific page breaks, it makes it virtually impossible to format anything complicated, such as a resume.

2. The sharing and publishing controls could be more user-friendly. The pull-down menu serves fine, but I think this is something that most new users have the hardest time with. Buttons to either share or not share would be best, I think.

3. Google needs to make the print function clearer, and attempt to make it clear to users that printing cannot be done in the traditional way a word doc would.

4. More fonts, backgrounds, and themes.

5. Refine better the compatibility between Office and Docs. Most transfers well, but there are just enough problems that skeptics will not use it.

What am I missing?


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