Teaching (literally) Google Apps

Today, I started in my role of district trainer for Google Apps, facilitating four different staff trainings for Google Apps for Education. We focused this round on Gmail and Calendar. Some of the FAQ from our sessions today:

Q: What if I have my own Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN account? What can I do?
A: Option 1 is to set that external email’s forwarder to feed into your new Gmail for Ed. account, option 2 is to set the new Gmail account to use POP3 to retrieve email from the outside source.

Q: How do I set up folders?
A: Again, there are two ways: One is to “label” the messages, which places them under one or more of the many links to to left of the main page. This does not take the message from the main inbox list, but does add a tag. If you want to get that message out of the inbox, you can highlight it and “move to” one of your label links.

Q: How do I import new contacts?
A: Contacts are automatically added when you send outgoing mail. Importing contacts is possible by several methods.

Q: Can anyone chat with you?
A: Yes, but only if you let them. All chat connections have to be by invitation and approval. Also, chat statuses can be switched to offline when busy…

Q:Can I do a chat with more than one person?
A: Yes. once a chat has been initiated with one person, clicking the “more options” below the chat window to open “group chat.”

***Feel free to post other questions, and I will try to answer them…


2 thoughts on “Teaching (literally) Google Apps

  1. I do not know. We have only begun using the Google Apps for Ed. I will look into that and post at a later date if it is possible..

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