Click here to see the presentation I made to the administration team of my school.

Thinking of trying to get Google Apps greater usage at your school? Consider working toward district-wide implementation with Google Apps for Education. I don’t claim to know a heck of a lot about how the Ed. version differs from the standard version, but the basic difference is that the Apps essentially run through the school servers or firewalls in order to allow for greater integration of the apps into the system already used by your district.

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to present Google Apps to the District administration team (the superintendent, principals, and other administrators). I have linked the title of this post with the slide show I used (feel free to use it as necessary). In addition to a short talk (maybe 10 minutes), I did a little show and tell. The administrators asked a lot of enthusiastic questions, and I had a great feeling that they were totally on board with the plan by the time I left. We may be doing trainings by the end of the year if they give the total thumbs-up, which I think they will do.

Good luck with your own school efforts. Please share your experiences in getting Google Apps going in your school!


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