Teaching Google Calendar

Today I worked with my seniors in establishing their Google Calendars. This fit into the curriculum for the class by providing an online tool to help them stay organized. I use the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens” book to supplement the class, and one section is about prioritization. In addition to helping them learn ways to organize and triage responsibilities, I had them all set up their Google Calendar. I sent them invitations to share the class calendar that I use, and that helped them start the process of determining what types of calendars (home, work, school) they would need to set up, and how they will manage them.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Google Calendar

  1. Tony,Gmail also has some tools that would go along with your 7 Habits discussions – I have been using GTD Inbox – a free plugin based on the "Getting Things Done" approach to time management. It might be another way to integrate Google Apps!

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