When you love Google Docs (or another web 2.0 tool), but others don’t use it.

ARGH! The cry from folks who use Google Docs as a daily part of their life responding to close colleagues who refuse to use it, or claim they have it but don’t really know how to do it.

I have felt this frustration. I offer these tips for dealing with folks who could help you help them if only they could easily collaborate with you:

  1. Breathe. Bludgeoning them with your cell phone until they have the IQ of a parakeet will not help
  2. Understand that in the grand scheme of things, Google Docs is still “new” technology to many people
  3. Understand that LOTS of people have NO CLUE as to what Google Docs is when you mention it – they pretend to know by nodding along, but they have never seen it, maybe never heard it.
  4. Understand that Google Docs is 100 times easier to show than to describe. Show them. Try not to burst a capillary when they explain that they don’t have a Google account or Gmail. They probably don’t
  5. Show them, specifically, how the task you are trying to complete is easier with Google Docs, including the time it takes to teach/learn it.
  6. Suggest to them other common uses you think they could find value in.
  7. Explain that they will be able to throw out their flash drive and they won’t ever have to buy WORD again. Ever. Assure them that that is ok.
  8. Encourage them to collaborate with you on something fun, like using a shared spreadsheet to plan a barbecue, or to use a form to do RSVP’s. Anything to take away the mystique.
  9. If all else fails, bribe them. “IF you can puh-leeez just do this on Docs this one time, I will reward you with a jar of your favorite Strawberry Jam” Something like that.
  10. DO NOT scare them with the whole “Microsoft will soon quit making Office because everything will be online.” Some people find a lot of comfort in Microsoft Excel, and you don’t want to disturb that.

2 thoughts on “When you love Google Docs (or another web 2.0 tool), but others don’t use it.

  1. Show teachers how easy google forms can be used for drill type tests to easily grade results. That will make them fall in love! Show how it helps save them time.

  2. Great post. Not having to carry around — or worry about losing — a flash drive is huge. I think you're also right that people are afraid of Google Docs until they use it and see it's fairly simple. Thanks,Kevin Hartwww.edvoices.com

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