E-folios on Google Docs

I finally think I solved my problem with my cluttered Doc Box. The problem was that I had SO many documents, mostly from kids, I just couldn’t easily find anything specific, or to be accurate, specific GROUPS of things.

Enter folder sharing. I hadn’t tried this before, and I have no idea why. I had each student create a folder with their last name as a title, and drag ALL of their assignments into the folder. Instead of trying to tag them all and find chunks here and there, I now have 29 alphabetized folders, and all I need to do is click on it, and I can view any of their assignments. It is helping me see what is complete and what is not complete.

The added bonus in this is that they themselves can eventually rename this folder as my class and after they graduate, can keep the work they have done separated if they continue to use Google Docs, giving them access to templates to all of the business communication they have written.


One thought on “E-folios on Google Docs

  1. Don't be too hard on yourself for missing this – Google Docs folder sharing was only recently implemented (October 2009.)A great idea to have students share their work in this manner!

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