Using shared spreadsheets to get people to work together…

This week I used Google Spreadsheets in a different way to get my staff to share information. Every year, we have a staff potluck breakfast and donate to a children’s charity for a holiday celebration. In previous years, the potluck list was posted to the fridge in the lounge, and people put down what they would bring. This was frequently a mess. Sometimes the list fell or was taken down, and frequently people just didn’t remember to go down there and sign up.

This year (and last), I created a very simple spreadsheet on Google Docs, published as a web page, set it so that anyone could edit, and sent the link in the invitation email. The list was nearly full by the end of the day. The staff liked the “click, click and you’re done” ease of it, and everyone could easily see what remained to be taken.

It’s a small example of how using Docs for collaboration is quick, easy, and efficient.


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