Using Google Forms to create a repository of student reactions to books.

I’ve written before about how slick Google Forms are to use. This week, we are going to use them to have students make recommendations and evaluations of books they have read. The plan is (and I am starting this tomorrow) for us to take kids to the labs after they finish book reports each quarter, and have them do a Google Form which asks about title, author, and asks them to rate the book, among other questions. This will all feed into a spreadsheet which should be sortable by title, author, or rating.

We intend, then, to post the link for the spreadsheet on the district page and invite kids to check out how books have been rated when looking for a new book to read. We THINK kids will use it so they don’t get stuck picking randomly, or waiting until someone forces them to “JUST PICK SOMETHING ALREADY!!!”

I’ll post again once a few classes have entered books, and when the kids start to use it. I may poll the students informally to see if they find it a good tool to use.

Update: This worked well. In the view-only mode open to the public, it is not sortable, but it is sortable by administrators….


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