First paperless assignment handed in

This past week, I facilitated my first ever attempt at having drafts come in 100% electronically. Well, almost a complete success. I had one student cite problems with uploading, but otherwise it went well. While this is not really that exceptional, for college classes often collect assignments via upload, the great thing is that the document I have from most of them is a shared document from Google Docs. That means that it is live. If they need to make changes, they are made and there is no need to upload again. I can set a time when I would like suggested revisions attended to, and just look at them again. If I need to make specific suggestions, I can leave internal notes on the document itself, and then can see when revisions are completed.

This is going to effectively eliminate the concept of additional “drafts.” It’s more that drafts are “works in progress” and I, as the teacher, am a collaborative partner in the work, not just the judge and jury. And the fact that I am not shuffling a pile of papers around is a nice bonus, too!


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