Delicious and Blogger: Match made in e-Heaven?

Something I tried today, with some pretty cool results, was to direct kids to visit my Delicious site (online bookmarks) and simply pick one of the dozens of bookmarks I have tagged for our classroom. I typically just use something like StumbleUpon (a great customized surfing site), or Google to look for sites that look like they connect to our class and then I tag them on delicious, even if I don’t really take the time to do much more than to a quick skim for appropriateness. The kids looked through them, checked one out, and then posted on Blogger what they read and how they felt about how it fit our class. Then, ON THEIR OWN, they were copying the links that many had posted and checked out ones that looked interesting. I wish the links they copied were actually highlighted as hotlinks, but the kids didn’t even seem to care. Then they were responding more, again, completely on their own, as to whether they liked the site as much as the person who originally posted it did. Many of them looked at three or four of my hand-picked sites, and commented on them in this really neat endless loop. FAR exceeded my expectations…


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