Blogger for students – going very well. Parents, not so much!

I am happy to report that my Global Technical Communication is enjoying their use of our classroom blog, and they have begun to revisit older posts to read responses that followed theirs. Some are re-responding to each other as well. This is the alternative to using a learning log notebook, which I had previously done. I have 26/30 consistently writing the blogs.

On the other hand, I really expected more response for the blog I am writing for the parents, but as yet, I have very few followers, and relatively few page loads. I can tell some parents look at it from time to time, but as yet, I would say there has been under-whelming participation from the parents. I wish I knew what they wanted. I heard over and over the need for more regular communication, but with 150 kids, I just can’t send individual emails. Frustrating.


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