Problems with page breaks in lengthy docs

Well, this last few days I have been re-creating my poetry unit because my old one was a mishmash of different pieces stapled to gether, and because I had some time.

It went mostly well, especially the part where I could work on it at home or in my room. I was able to put images and graphics with the text, so that was all pretty similar to word.

Here’s the problem: there does not, in my experience, seem to be any page break indicator on the main view. You can go to print preview and see it in similar fashion to a print .pdf, but that does not allow you to tweak it as you look at it. I have also noticed that there are very slight differences between the main view and the print view. I have not yet run a print yet to see whic one is the accurate one.

So, beware if you write a lot, but you care what is on the top of each page or what’s on the bottom. If single lines at the top or bottom bug you, this part of working with Google Docs will also bug you.


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