Have you created your iGoogle page? FUNctional!

Chances are you have some sort of homepage; perhaps it is your mail page or something similar. But with the exception of the My Yahoo setup, there is really nothing like iGoogle.

In a nutshell, you get a page that is fully customizable for content and aesthetics. It will have a photo or design banner (with Google search embedded, of course), and spots to put any number of “gadgets.”

Q: Why do I need this?
A: Because it saves you from bouncing between your favorite tabs and bookmarks, and it is online, so you can use it anywhere you can log into Google.

Ok, so you have 1-3 email addresses, a facebook page, an online calendar (if you don’t, you should), and you frequent Wikipedia, Twitter, youtube, and Craigslist daily? SEE THEM AND HAVE ACCESS TO THEM ON ONE PAGE!

This is true internet integration. I tried to do a basic screen cap 10 second look at mine:

Click here to view my iGoogle page

I can see my GMail (which I have set to show emails from my school address as well), my facebook, and all kinds of different feeds. You may notice the index on the left side. This is the true power of iGoogle! If you need to see the application in full view, you can click here, it goes to a full-function version of the application, and you can easily close again.

Very cool! Lots of fun to sit and do on a weekend over a big cup of coffee. It’s personal and it is your portal to all of the stuff you already do online.

More on embedding helpful gadgets later!



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