Forms – For quizzes and surveys?

Today, I used the Google Forms (under “new”) option to make a chart for my students who will be taking several different personality and learning tests. I created this form (do not complete, please) for them to fill out when they are all done, then I also shared with them the link to the spreadsheet the responses fill to. This way they can easily see the whole profile for each of their classmates, to see where they might be alike and different.

This works similar to survey monkey and free online surveys, but better:

  • Form is linkable and automatically updates itself if you change it.
  • There are no practical limits to how many people you can survey/quiz (1000 or more?)
  • Everything exists forever, no expiration date
  • Custom templates/ backgrounds available
  • You can share results with anyone
  • You can graph responses and embed graphs in Docs, Word, or other programs
  • Actually quite a bit easier to set up.

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