Linking Docs to your website

I have been creating my syllabus and other paper for the first day or two. I find it really easy to just publish the doc as a web page, and then link to it from my website. In the past I woulod have to upload the document, and that didn’t take any longer, but in this case, if I make a single change to the document, like change the wording of something or change a policy, it is automatically updated from the website as well. When I uploaded word documents, I frequently felt like my file was old news because I had changed it since the upload, but was too lazy or busy to delete it and upload it a second time…

FYI: When you publish as a web page, check “automatically update” on the publish page AND go to “see who has access” and make sure you change the setting so people do not have to sign-in to view (or you can let them edit).


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