Uploading files

Today I sat at school and uploaded every file I could from my computer in my classroom to Docs. It was good. I think I did about 60 total files, mostly .doc files, a few .pdf’s and a few excels. I uploaded about a half-dozen presentations, all of which looked good. I was disappointed in a few things though:

I couldn’t upload some items, they were just too big. I learned from the Google Help area that although there is no specified total space limit, there are limits to how big a file can be, and how many of each (it was like 1000 of this, 5000 of that, so no concern there). In any case, I had some powerpoints and a few multi-page pdf’s that just didn’t move. I intend to try again, but I was a little surprised.

I was also surprised as to how many of my files were Appleworks or CWK files. I thought I had moved past that program long ago, but I guess I was in denial. I bet 40% was Apple docs, which are not compatible with Google Docs. SO I will need to save as .doc first, then upload. THAT will take a while.

FOund out one other interesting thing: There is a way to email your Docs folder directly, and Docs will automatically upload and convert your attached file. So, I could scan something in the office, have the copy machine email the pdf to my docs folder, and there it would be. In theory. I will test this later…


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