File Management

Well, I have everything sorted. I learned a few things I didn’t already know:

1. I can’t delete everything or anything I want from my Docs list. Anything owned or co-owned by someone else stays put. Looked like some sorts of files could be transferred to others to manage, but not all (the spreadsheet said “not yet”). Which means you can only clean up so much.

2. Putting files in folders does not take them out of your main list. You can always see all your docs sorted by date opened, but they have tags saying where else you have them. I sort of wanted this list to go away, like if you cleaned up a desktop, but I understand why they do it that way…

3. Files can exist in several folders at once. Basically, you are not moving files so much as tagging them. Once you open a folder, you basically are just asking to see a list of everything with that tag.

4. If there is something you can’t delete, but you don’t want anymore, you can “hide” it. It is visible under the “hidden” folder, but nowhere else, even your “see all” view.



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